McDonald’s is rolling out its FRESH made burger!

Yes, McDonald’s is rolling out its FRESH made In-and-out Burger!

McDonald’s said today that it had begun serving fresh beef Quarter Pounders and other signature burgers! Almost 3,500 restaurants across the United States, and most of its other U.S. locations will follow by May the end of May 2018.

Quarter Pounders and Signature Crafted burgers will be made with patties that are cooked upon ordering. All other burgers, including the Big Mac, will continue to be made with patties that are prepared in advance and then frozen.

Chris Kempczinski, McDonald’s USA president, finally has seen the light. Premium burger bars are doing very well, while McDonald’s is dropping in market share. McDonald’s also announced today a new premium burger, called Garlic White Cheddar and said it would release more “signature crafted” sandwiches later in the year.

It has been a loooong while, but I feel like eating McDonald’s tonight!

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