How to reach a pH-balanced skin with a healthy diet and skincare

A pH-balanced skin is the key to a perfect skin, but how to reach an acne-free skin with a healthy diet? Also can ph-neutral skincare help?

Alkaline skin

What does being alkaline mean? Living well and healthy, living and plenty of energy. The basics are consuming foods that are considered alkaline. That consumption is what will lead us to the benefits of this way of living, of this alkaline being; Which is much more than just feeling good; Improve mood, improve energy, lose weight, we will stop sick, reduce stress, improve our concentration, and much more.

Everywhere when we ask or look for alkalinity, we find that its opposite would be acidification. There are acidic foods on one side and alkaline on the other. Alkalinity is measured by degrees. The extent of alkalinity and acidity is measured on a pH scale (hydrogen potential), using a range from zero 0 (extreme acid) to 14 (extreme alkaline), with 7 being the base or neutral value.

As a general rule, we should eat 80% of alkaline foods and 20% acids. Intercalate but predominantly alkaline to achieve the appropriate PH level. PH values between 0 and 6.9 are considered acidic, and values ranging from 7 to 14 are typical of an alkaline base. Those foods with a pH scale of 7 to 14 will always be our goal. Thus we will be able to consume the alkaline foods and, therefore, to alkalize our body.

But the alkaline path of life, does not mean having to consume only foods of pH 7 or higher, but the ideal would be to consume 80% of alkaline foods and 20% of acids daily.

Ying and Yang

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, acid is classified as Yin and alkaline as Yang, with a tendency to balance between extremes desirable.

The key to alkaline food is to increase the amount of food or alkaline products and reduce the consumption of food or acid products. It is easy to see why it is so beneficial to health as it tries to reduce processed foods, sugar and caffeine as much as possible and also reduce animal protein as much as possible to eliminate “acid toxins”; While you have to add alkaline minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

We can not change the way we eat on one day to the next. Neither from one month to the other. It has to go step by step.

pH-balanced Skincare

Skincare companies have found out that pH-balanced skincare is something the consumer is looking for. MUDMASKY for instance is one of the first company that introduced ph-neutral face mask which adapts to your skin type. It helps a lot to the final last steps to balance your skin. So yes, good skincare can help you reach your goals.

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