Health and skin benefits of celery.

The health and skin benefits of celery are just unbelievable!

Why celery?

Because it is rich in calcium and also helps us improve blood flow and prevent diseases such as diabetes or kidney disease. I place celery at one of the first positions of my daily diet. It is very refreshing, ideal for summer, it is eaten raw in salads and is perfect to remove anxiety for food in the mid-afternoon. The most important fact is that you can rejuvenate your body by eating celery.

What is celery for?

This versatile vegetable, perfect in soup or a rich salad, has a lot of magnesium and iron. A super powerful combination! It nourishes all the cells of the body and, also, it gives us what is necessary for sodium so that our organism works to perfection.

As previously mentioned celery has a lot of calcium which, as we know, is good for strengthening the bones, especially in the third age this delicious vegetable helps to convert inorganic calcium (ingested through refined or chemically altered foods) into organic.

Eating celery, we avoid having a malfunction in all systems of the body such as diabetes, arthritis, varicose veins, heart problems, hemorrhoids, kidney or biliary problems.

The sodium supplied by celery maintains excellent blood flow and lymphatic system, preventing blood from being too thick or acidic.

Let me share with you this delicious shake prepared with only two celery stalks, ½ cup of raw spinach, two peeled carrots, one spoon of spirulina powder, one glass of cold green tea and four almonds.

After peeling the carrots and slice them just put them in the blender or food processor with the other ingredients well washed. Mix and drink immediately.

Skin benefits of celery

Let me give you more reasons to eat celery. Straightforward and easy just because it improves the appearance of the skin, preventing it from looking tired and opaque because of poor nutrition in the cells (either tiredness or unbalanced eating).

If you regularly consume celery juice with carrot (in equal parts), with the juice of two oranges, you will nourish your skin and mineralize the body. It is a perfect natural tonic for both external and internal health. The effects will be seen immediately, also in the eyes.

Sooooo…. Say yes to celery!

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