4 simple steps you have to take after your face mask

Face masks are everywhere nowadays, but do you the steps you have to follow after your face mask?

Step 1 – Wash you face with cold water.
Washing your face with cold water after your face mask closes down your pores better than warm water. Lloyd Diamond MD. who has worked as a dermatologist in Switzerland for over 20 years says “People forget that the steps you are taking after a face mask, are sometimes more important than the mask it self. One mistake I see people make over and over is that they wash there face with warm water. Warm water opens your pores.”

Step 2 – Dry.
Pat dry with a clean towel or tissues. Do not rub!

Step 3 – Wait
Also an important step which almost no-one does: Wait approximately 2 minutes before you move on to the next step because you are not finished yet. This gives your skin the time to adapt.

Step 4 – Use a skincare product especially designed after a face mask.
Do not use a moisturizer! Almost all moisturizers contain oils. Oil blocks your pores. Use a lightweight serum, without parfum and chemicals.
Amsterdam-based company MUDMASKY® has designed an Aftermask Vitamin Serum for her clients and recently introduced it to the UK with GlossyBox. This Aftermask Vitamin Serum is super lightweight and does not contain parfum or chemicals. MUDMASKY uses fresh plant from the sea. Learn more.

Want to learn more? Watch this 1:31 min video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsFacahwjwg

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