Super Easy DIY Anti-Aging Hydrating and Cleansing Mask

A daily facial Cleansing and Hydrating Mask, made in less than 1 minute, which costs a dime to make. To good to be true? Read more to see how super easy it is to make an DIY Anti-Aging Hydrating and Cleansing Mask, with the ingredients in your fridge!

A healthy looking skin is depending on a good skincare routine, but what if you don’t have much money to spend to buy your favorite skincare products? Do It Yourself! It is important to have a way to clean our face without drying it, so if you are using soap use a special one and just once a day.

We will give you an alternative way to remove the dead cells out of your face in case you don’t want to use a soap of the ones in the market, also you can surprise your face skin with this home-made Mask and Cleanser.

Now what you need to know is when you need to clean your face. We recommend you to clean your face when arriving home, just like you do with your hands but you can use a honey and oat based soap or you can just mix two tablespoons of oats in a glass with water wait a couple of minutes and use it to refresh and clean your skin.

So I have this friend that is 40+ and looks like 20+ with a fresh, smooth and young skin all the time and gave me this simple trick, well I stayed at her home and saw it her doing it.

The ingredients she uses are 1 tablespoon of granulated oats, ½ tablespoon of sugar, 2 tablespoons oatmeal in flakes, and some yogurt until you get a consistent mixture, like a cream, not liquid.

The way she uses is applying it on her skin, all over her face with gentle circular massages.

Of course I checked the ingredients to make sure they are helpful and safe for beauty usage, this is what I found:

Yogurt: Is known for its antibacterial properties, acting directly against any bacteria that might be attacking your skin, in addition the lactic acid it contains will help you to relieve skin irritation, yogurt also contains zinc that helps to reduce sun burns.

Oat: Is rich in lipids and antioxidants which are very important for your skin, oat also helps to hydrate and that is why you find it at so many beauty products.

Sugar: Simple, will help you to exfoliate.


Disclaimer: Always talk with your physician before starting any routines or diets.

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