DIY Sunscreen!

Sunscreen, one of the easiest way to prevent aging and now you can make it yourself!

Yes I know, in the second week of January most parts in the world doesn’t have burning sun, but in the winter you can also prevent yourself against the sun!
Today I will show you homemade methods that can help each of us to prevent skin aging. Although there are so many methods that are expensive to fight against aging and not all of us have a way to pay for them, these methods that I will show you are NATURAL methods that can be done with things that we have at home without having to pay too much for expensive treatments.

100% reliable methods, 100% NATURAL and with MAGNIFIC results that you will be surprised with the good results you will have, now I will show you one of those steps to prevent aging.

Today we covering a SUNSCREEN! Do not expose yourself too much to the rays of the sun. If you go out to the side like to the beach or take a trip to another side do not forget that the solar rays can be dangerous if we expose too much to them, they can be the entrance to many skin diseases and even getting skin cancer, that is why I wear dark glasses, caps, hats and also uses sunscreen.

One of my favorite ones and takes good care of the skin is one that I do by myself. Here I will share how you can do it, let´s start with the ingredients: Mix using exactly the same amount of coconut oil, olive oil and almonds oil so you can get a full cup with the mixture, then add 1 teaspoons of pure zinc oxide, 1 tablespoon of beeswax, ¼ cup of natural aloe vera gel, the contain of 2 capsules of vitamin E oil, 5 drops of grapefruit seed extract and ½ teaspoon of essential oil any other than citric. What you need to do to prepare it is warm the oil and beeswax using the water bath technique until it melts. After removing them from the heat, add the vitamin E and the essential oil that you chose, finally mix and add the zinc oxide, wait a couple of minutes and set aside, and now in another container heat ¼ glass of distilled water and ¼ cup of aloe vera gel until they are warm. The very last step is just to pick up the previous mix and add it to the last one, mix it, let it harden a bit and go, you already have an excellent homemade sunscreen. That’s it!

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