Idris Elba’s skin care line – an other celeb launching skincare

Discover Idris Elba’s skin care line

It seems like every day an other celeb starts a skincare line, this time its actor Idris Elba.

Idris Elba and his model wife Sabrina have revealed an expansion of their lifestyle brand S’able Labs with the launch of an inaugural vegan collection of genderless skincare (not sure if you have to be genderless to purchase it?) products. S’Able Labs was originally founded by the Elba duo in 2020 as a space for partners to receive relationship advice.

Consisting of a Qasil Cleanser, Black Seed Toner and Boabab Moisturiser, the line aims to provide shoppers with an environmentally conscious skincare regime that has been designed with the intention of appealing to people of all ethnicities, genders and backgrounds.

“Like a lot of people, my interest in wellbeing piqued during the pandemic,” said Sabrina. “But the more I searched, the more trouble I had finding a resource that spoke to people who looked and felt like me. “We think that self-care can only be fully realised through community care. They are interdependent concepts. “We’re trying to educate and help but we also want to learn from the conversation we’re having with our growing community.”

Idris added: “I want there to be a dialogue around looking after each other. How we look and feel actually feeds into how we maintain our partnerships.”

What do you think? Do we need an other celeb launching a skincare brand?


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