You won’t believe the simple diet and exercise routine Beyonce follows!

I still remember Life Is But a Dream back in 2013 when just two days after Valentine’s Day HBO released and I was with my husband watching it, so now about three years after watching it and being always amazed on how she can manage her projects, private life and still Beyonce looks just amazing I decided let you know some things I have learned about her and how she does it.

Beyonce’s fitness and dieting regimens are things that help her to fight against her natural tendency to gain weight. A lot of us might not have that situation, the thing is that anyways fitness and proper choosing dieting regimens will not only play a role in weight control but in staying young, healthy and enjoying a happy life too.

Beyonce’s simple diet

Beyonce doesn’t follows a fancy diet with berries from Australia and special so called “superfuits” from Uganda or whatever county, NO, she follows a very simple diet.
Scrambled egg whites, vegetable smoothies, whole-grain cereals, water , fish, nuts and vegetables are welcome guests in her diet are listed on the top of her food list. SIMPLE! She changes her dier every week, to get the best from everything inside her body.

Beyonce’s exercising routine

Exercising? Most definitely! Her favorite exercise is single-leg step-ups and sprinting to start and as a main dish: kettlebell squat-and-press. Yes, I am telling you right away how to do Beyonce`s Kettlebell squat-and-press. But before starting with them get 8 up to 10 minutes of power walking, that it. But keep in mind that she dances a lot…

Kettlebell squat-and-press at home:

Hold a dumbbell by your chest meanwhile slowly squatting so low that elbows and knees almost touch each other, straighten and repeat a few times, any other day is how often this should be done to achieve results.

Getting in shape is simple

Getting in shape is simple, you only have to be persistence about it and do it every day. No excuses. Believe me, Beyonce sure doesn’t have them….

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