Wife of Emmanuel Macron – Brigitte Macron – just doesn’t age…

A couple of weeks ago Emmanuel Macron has become the youngest president (just 39 years old) of France. His wife, Brigitte Macron has become 64 years old last month but she looks at least 10 years younger. Time to find out what her magic is.

We have found an old rare interview of Brigitte Macron with a French Magazine which we have translated in English:


I usually have hot tea with lemon first thing in the morning. I don’t drink coffee. I go for my morning exercise and after that I have a breakfast, usually with egg white and whole bread.
Around 11 I have some dry crackers with peanut-butter or avocado.
Around 2 the wife of Macron makes her own Fruitsalad with nuts! Bridgette says that the nuts and fruit are a perfect combination of vitamins and carbs.
In the evening she is not superstrict with her diet, she just doesn’t eat fried food and she eats at she loves fish.
Around 8 she eats a healthy snack like nonfat greek yoghurt.

What kind of exercises do you do?

Different exercises every day. If I don’t feel like exercising, I do Yoga. But I exercise at least 4 times a week.

Her skincare

Bridgette tells us that moisturising your face daily is important. Especially at her age she feels like her skin is becoming more elastic. When we ask her what her favourite brands are, she says; all French brands…

Her biggest secret? 

Brigitte says her timeless beauty is due to a happy home life with her husband, Emmanuel Macron. She truly believes that hapiness makes you stay young

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