SHOCKING: #metoo activist Asia Argento raped 17 year old boy Jimmy Bennet

This must be the most shocking news of 2018; it looks like the head of the #metoo movement – Asia Argento – has raped an innocent 17-year old boy named Jimmy Bennet. 

Argento had played Bennett’s mother in 2004’s “The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things”

The ironic part: Argento first denied and said Bennet is a lying , than said it was not rape, now says “he is doing it for the fame, because his career has failed, he is a lost soul”. Isn’t that ironic, that’s exactly what most rapers say in the #metoo accusations. I use the word “Rapist” because it’s illegal to have sex with a minor in the state of California. Just to put it in perspective; Argento was 37 (!) at the time. This all happend in a hotel room in 2013.

But wait, there is more…

People are now wondering if Argento also sexually assaulted Bennet when he was just 9 years old. One source at the 2004 set (who wants to stay anonymous) has said; “I once saw that Argento was with her hands in Bennett’s jeans, Argento immediately turned around and said she was making him ready for the set. Looking back I honestly don’t know what happend”.

Jimmy Bennet has done an interview and claimed…

He didn’t want to have sex with Argento and she has assaulted him. Bennett said he had struggled to discuss his experiences because of the fact he was a young man: “I think that the main narrative, at least from the comments and stuff I’ve received, is that, “Well, why wouldn’t you want to have sex with her? What’s wrong with you? You must be a homosexual to not want to have sex with this woman.”

Settlement and confession of Argento

Argento paid Bennett $380,000 as a settlement. Argento recently has admitted she had sex with him when he was 17 years old. We personally think that Argento is a disgrace for the #metoo movement. Stop sexual assault by older woman. Share under hashtag: #shetoo

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