How Plastic Surgery, Botox, Alcohol and Drugs effected Lindsey Lohan

Maybe you remember her still beauty face at that time, when she was acting at ¨Herbie fully Loaded¨, or her performance on ¨Confessions Of A Broken Heart¨, she had all what is needed to be beauty and stay young, however her actual look is not the best.

Lindsey Lohan started loosing weight dramatically, then there are plenty pictures and facts that demonstrate she was using and abusing of drugs, seems also like she started using SCULPTRA and RESTYLANE in excess, the first one is to promote the production of collagen and the second one to fill lips.

Things got gotten worse and Lindsey got arrested, had to go to AA meetings due her alcohol abuse, being placed in a rehab center and had to carry a bracelet to ensure she was doing it well we can easily deduce she was under a lot of stress, and of course all of this after never ending party nights which means lack of sleep adds a lot of stress into anybody life.

All the facts mentioned above are the ingredients to get a faster and very bad aging.

Now to avoid to look like her remember always use sun screen, do not abuse of tanning, clean your make up before going to bed, even if you are tired after a long night. To avoid dark circles and eye bags like the ones she shows just put some chamomile cold tea bags for 5 minutes and cold cucumber slices for another 5 minutes on your eyes. Please do not smoke but in case you do it drink a glass of water per cigarette you smoke.

If you don´t want to look a pale face and ultra-red cheeks like Lindsay Lohan did it once at court you can just put a cold face mask made from avocado, cucumber and grapes before leaving your house, I really don’t know why nobody helped her with something as simple as that.

Anyways in case you want the preparation instructions for that DIY Face Mask here we go: The night before put in the fridge an avocado, a cucumber and a few grapes, next morning take ¼ of the avocado, ¼ of the cucumber and 10 grapes, smash all the ingredients pretty quick and apply them to your face when they are still cold, also put a little towel soaked in cold oat water over the mask and face, wait 10 minutes, wash with abundant fresh water and the results will be MAGIC.

You are a star no need to be a fallen one.

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