How old is Donald Trump’s wife; Melania – You won’t believe

Melania, the wife of Donald Trump is older than you think, but you won’t believe she is a becoming 48 in April! Yes, the first lady is passing 50 in a few years!

What does Melania do to keep young?

Well a healthy lifestyle is number 1. In an old interview she tells that she works out daily and has a strict diet with enough vegetables. She doesn’t call it a diet, she just like eating healthy. Her favorite is a morning smoothie. Just like Donald, she has her own medical doctor to stay fit. Also she probably has great genes.

Did Melania Trump do plastic surgery?

Yes, very probably Melania did plastic surgery. But we don’t have prove, we don’t want to spread ‘fake news’ ;-)

What skincare does Melania Trump use?

We don’t know the brand, but in an interview back in 2014 she revealed that she moisturizes her skin daily.

Who does the make-up of Melania Trump?

Her make-up artist is Nicole Bryl. He uses a special technique, just for Melania. Lightweight on her mouth and “smokey” around the eyes.

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