How to stay young like Roger Federer?

Did you ever wonder how to stay young like Roger Federer? The 35-year-old Roger Federer is playing at the Australian Open and does everything in his power to stay young and fit, but what are his secrets?

Today Roger Federer has qualified for the semifinals of the Australian Open. The born Swiss tenniser is trained by Pierre Paganini. Mr. Paganini is the man behind his fitness and diet. In an interview with the NY times last year Paganini stated; “Roger has an incredible capacity to still progress. That’s why he’s still on top: mentally he’s very strong and can adapt to the physical side, too. ”

If you have been reading our blog you know by now that Aging Anti-Aging is a more than using the best Anti-Aging product or eating some fruits or a healthy smoothy once in a while. It’s a whole lifestyle, going to the gym more than once a week. But what is interesting is that we can learn from Roger Federer that your mindset is also very important.

But what is the biggest secret to a relaxed mindset of Roger? It’s his…. WIFE!
He is with his wife, Miroslava “Mirka” Federer (born as Miroslava Vavrinec), for 17 years! Mirka and Roger are the perfect power couple. She wears diamonds “I-love-you-ring” and travels with him around the world. In 2003, the undisputed number one – then number five – her as his personal assistant. Since then, it maintains its schedule together, they arrange appointments with journalists and sponsors and arranges training sessions. Roger once stated that his wife takes 99% of his stress away. And stress just happens to be the number one Aging factor…

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