Gianluca Vacchi – Age 51 years old

Gianluca Vacchi turned 51 years old last month, but his age does not stop him slowing down.

We have written a lot about Gianluca Vacchi. We have told you how he stays young with his (and our) favorite skincare brand MUDMASKY.  We have told you about his music hit.

Now we are telling you his secret to succes at age 51.

Vacchi went into the “family businesses” at the age of 25 after finishing his studies in economics. Along with his cousin, he took on some of his family’s companies which were in need of deep restructuring and then once he’d turned them around, listed them on the stock exchange. This has made him a fortune.

But he told in a interview that he “realized that the world didn’t have anything to give me anymore”. “I’m not interested in accumulating money at all any more, I’m only interested in what’s moving my curiosity.”

Gianluca now loves what he does and shows it to the world on his Instagram.

What do you think about this Italian playboy?

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