3 reasons that Kylie Jenner is adding a skincare line to Kylie Cosmetics

She just turned 21 years old 2 weeks ago and is the youngest selfmade billionaire in the world – Kylie Jenner – and now she is adding a skincare line to Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie’s net worth has skyrocketed thanks to the success of Kylie Cosmetics. Forbes values the company at $800 million, with an estimated $330 million in sales last year. A comparatively small part of Jenner’s fortune, around $100 million, comes from endorsement deals like Puma and her reality shows. The remaining $800 million is the value of Kylie Cosmetics, the beauty company Jenner launched two years ago and owns outright.

Now Kylie Cosmetics is adding a skincare line, but why?

1. Sales are beginning to fall

Neither Jenner nor Rihanna has bought cosmetic factories – their production is outsourced to other companies that take instruction from the stars but handle most of the creation, marketing and distribution. It means that the stars’ continued success is entirely predicated or their ability to drive sales, and for Jenner that has already started to lessen – revenue was up 7% this year, a smaller rise than the year before. Revenues from the lip kits fell even more, by around 35%.

2. She already has the followers

With 113 million on her Personal Instagram account and 17 million followers on her Business Page she has a LOT of followers. It’s easy to upscale skincare to them. And she also loves to use YouTube.

3. Skincare is easy to scale

A skincare line is easy to scale compared to make-up. The processes are less difficult.

Let’s just hope the Kylie Cosmetics Skincare are quality products!


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