Paula’s Choice – Oil Absorbing Facial Mask REVIEW

Skin Balancing Oil Absorbing Mask fabricated by Paula’s choice skincare is designed for oily skin. So we have tested this mask on 5 women with oily skin.

Last year we have tested the RESIST Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator of Paula and we concluded it was pure rubbish. We almost couldn’t believe “our skin expert” is making such a bad product with cheap and useless ingredients, which add no value for your skin.

When applying the mask, the first thing we noticed was the smell; it’s not very nice to say the least, BUT, we just love the fact that it’s fragrance free. So that is a huge plus.

You’re instructed to apply the clay mask and rinse it after 10–15 minutes.  After you washed it off you immediately find out that your skin is dry, a little too dry actually.

All women experienced an extremely dry skin the first days, and after using it a couple of times they noticed there skin was getting oilier. Eventually their skin got extremely oily and 1 of the women, Anne, is now visiting a dermatologist! This problem occures  because your skin produces more oil if you dry it out.  The oil is produced by sebaceous glands and secreted through pores, and if your glands secrete excess oil it’s important to control it. Not dry it completely out! Because your skin will only produce more oil if you do so. Paula’s choice skincare simply has not the knowledge/ financial strength to test their products, what makes this product very dangerous.

We have emailed Paula’s Choice Skincare to discontinue this mask because it’s a big risk for your skin and health.


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2 Replies to “Paula’s Choice – Oil Absorbing Facial Mask REVIEW

  1. Do you purchase the products that you test or do they give them to you and also what is your opinion on the best toner for your face

    1. Hi Merry, we have purchases most of the products.
      I am in love with the toner of Estee Lauder now.
      Hope this helped! xxx

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