LUSH – Cupcake Mask REVIEW

LUSH started as Constantine & Weir and became a major supplier to The Body Shop (which I love) who then paid £11 million for the rights of Constantine & Weir’s recipes. Eventually, their founders came up with new adventures in the beauty world and ended with the now well-known British brand LUSH!

The packaging

LUSH Cupcake Mask comes in a fresh and funny design. Definitely an unique design. Maybe the coolest we have saw on skincare!

The ingredients

Rhassoul Mud is a natural mineral clay that has been used by North African women for centuries to care for their skin, also contains silica, iron, magnesium and potassium. The overall ingredients are OK, but definitely not the best quality. This is noticeable in the results.


LUSH Cupcake Mask literally feels like you’re wearing chocolate on your face, the scent texture and overall texture of the mask was good enough the truth is that is a little hard to spread on the face because it is a little dry. Another thing is tingly on my skin at first which wasn’t a nice sensation but after all is softening and calms down redness. And by the way, use it only 1-2 times per week.

The results

LUSH Cupcake Mask is chocolate scented so if you don´t like chocolate don´t use it. I do like chocolate so it was fine for me. Indeed LUSH Cupcake Mask helped my face to reduce oiliness and was a refreshing mask. To be honest this product is targeted for acne/oily prone skin so if you have dry skin I don´t really recommend you to use it. Another thing to mention is that the pores on my nose and under my eyes that almost seemed to be minimised by this

The downsides

Got really hard, dry and it made it hard to apply after a few times using it. Also is pretty hard to wash off once it’s completely dry. LUSH Cupcake Mask is fully targeted for teenagers, however, is pretty useful if you have oily skin at any age.


Leaves the skin a bit dry, very short term results, improvement will last the morning after you use this stuff. But that´s it does not expect more than that and of course, this is nothing serious but is OK for oily skins for 20 up to 30+ years old users. I am giving this 3.5 stars out of five, however, if you are a teenager already concerned for your skin, and you do have oily skin this is an OK good weekly treatment, to start with…

Ingredients: Rhassoul Mud, Linseed Infusion, Glycerine, Talc, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter, Fresh Mint, Sandalwood Oil, Vanilla Absolute, Spearmint Oil, Peppermint Oil, Perfume.

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