Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment REVIEW

Glamglow has become very popular since Glenn en Shannon Dellimore have started the company in 2010, so it’s about time we test their Supermud Clearing Treatment.

The story of Glenn en Shannon Dellimore is amazing; it could even be a Hollywood movie story. I won’t bore you with there story, read here if you like. Instead of telling you a nice story, I’ll tell you if there “Supermud” works.

Opening the jar of the Supermud Clearing Treatment, you’ll notice a very natural-tea-eucalyptus-like smell. Glamglow did a great job giving it a nice smell, but too bad it isn’t an allergen-free fragrance. The texture of this Supermud treatment is a bit solid and feels a little cool. In the facial mask you’ll find some pieces; these are plants and herbs. When we take a closer look to the ingredients we noticed that it also contains parabens, that’s a shame!

After applying, the Glamglow mud mask feels pleasant and after drying up (12 minutes) it feels like it will be hard to rinse of, but that’s not true, rinsing off is easy. Washing the mask off will cause a little mess in your sink, but it’s worth the mess I guess. It cleansed my skin and made my skin feel smoother. Eventually my skin felt very clean but didn’t felt hydrated.

The Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment worked fine with me, but I have to be honest and say that some woman didn’t like the mask. One of us (out of 5) noticed a little bit of a temporally allergic reaction, her skin got a little red and felt tight for at least an hour or so. An other woman of our test-panel didn’t noticed a smoother skin.

Finally the price; $ 69,- for 1.2 fl.oz / 30 ml isn’t cheap, because you run out mud after using it 7/8 times.

The Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment mask is a nice mask to use if your skin can use a little boost after partying too hard in the weekend.

NOTE: Glamglow claims this “Supermud” is suitable for every skin type, but we disagree. We wouldn’t recommend it people with a dry skin. It’s more for men and woman with normal and/or oily skin. The woman with dry skin noticed a little irritation and a dryer skin.

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