Perricone MD – Neuropeptide Firming Moisturizer REVIEW

I feel a little guilty writing a bad review about any product of Mr. Perricone, because I read all his books and I think he is amazing for sharing his knowledge with the world. But this wrinkle cream is not only extremely overpriced ($ 280 for 2 fl oz / 59 mL) but it’s also bad. Just forget the price; let’s pretend it was $ 80 instead of $ 280.

Let’s start with the positive sites of this wrinkle cream. It’s Paraben-free and it smells good (unlike some other products of Perricone MD).

Now the negatives; this product claims it diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, but not even one volunteer saw any changes. One volunteer did get a rash. The cream is very thick and heavy, plus it sticks on the face. The crazy part is that it feels exactly the same like a 9 dollar cream I bought a couple of months ago, which actually was more moisturizing!

Is this all you think? No there is more. You can’t use this cream at daytime if you live in sunny California, because it has no sunscreen or what so ever. They did put Taurine in it (which is also an ingredient in energy drinks, such as Red Bull), which is a good anti-oxidant but not a sunscreen. There are also no proves or published research that Taurine can lift skin.

Thank God, Perricone MD has better products. Otherwise I couldn’t take him seriously anymore.

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Perricone MD – Neuropeptide Firming Moisturizer
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