Lancer – Advanced C Radiance Cream REVIEW

One of the few wrinkle creams that doesn’t have “aqua” as an ingredient is the “Advanced C Radiance Cream” of Lancer Skincare. I had high expectations when I bought it last winter, but it just didn’t work for me.

Dr. Harold A. Lancer MD is well known dermatologist in Beverly Hills (Rodeo Drive). Since a couple of years Dr. Lancer has his own skin care line with some products selling for outrages prices ($275.00 for a 0.85 fl oz/ 25 ml serum). This product of Lancer isn’t super expensive ($75.00 for 1.7 fl oz/ 50 ml) and buying it doesn’t make you feel bad, because at least you are not paying for water.

BUT, yes there is always a “but”. The first doubts cross your mind before even applying it. Because when you read the usage, it says: “Apply sparingly to face and neck once or twice daily. Avoid the eye area.” Hmmm “Avoid the eye area?” A good facial product must be suitable for the whole face. Can you remember my blog from of june 28, about “Eye Cream or No Eye Cream? So even before applying, you start to get afraid that your skin might get irritated. The next thing I did is Google some ingredients and there was one that concerned me. It was the ingredient; Lavandula Angustfolia, better known as Lavender Oil. If you have a sensitive skin it’s better not to use any cream with this ingredient, because it can irritate your skin.

Anyway, what did it for your face, you must be thinking?

The gel-creamy texture felt a little sticky on my hand, but after applying it feels pretty nice. There was one mayor problem with this product. You can’t use it with foundation. After 2 hours I noticed everybody was looking a little weird at me. So I decided to get out my little mirror. I looked like a stuffed-animal with make-up and lipstick. After this happened to me, I decided to only use it at home without make up. After 3 weeks I could conclude that the Lancer Radiance Cream was an “ok” moisturizer with nice ingredients for your skin, but it didn’t do what it promised; boost skin’s radiance or lessen the appearance of aging.

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