Why isn’t Tia Roqaa of RoccaBox not paying her vendors – bankrupt?

roccabox Tia roquaa Bankrupt

It looks like an other beautybox is going bankrupt, this time it’s the UK-based RoccaBox of Tia Roqaa. 

Founder Touria Tia Roqaa (full name) started RoccaBox in 2016 and soon she reached 10,000 subscribers in the UK. RoccaBox differentiated herself from other (bigger) beautyboxes by working with mostly niche skincare brands.

RoccaBox mission was to give consumers a chance to try out new make-up, skincare, bodycare or nail products. This – ones thriving – beautybox is now going downhill fast with only a few thousand subscribers left and a lot of debt collectors chasing the Founder, Miss Roqaa.

Not paying her vendors

From multiple trustworthy sources BestAnti-Aging has found out that founder and CEO Tia Roqaa knew this was happening and refuses to pay her vendors for months. On top of that, she is not replying, lying and/or blocking vendors who are trying to contact her. One vendor says: “She has been lying to us for months, when we confronted her, she instantly blocked us. After that we have went to a debt collecting agency and she agreed on an instalment payment-plan, knowing she is going to liquidate the company in the future. At this moment we can’t pay our rent because of Miss Roqaa and I don’t even know how and IF we are going to recover, being a smaller-size beauty brand”.

RoccaBox LTD is still active, but very fishy things are happening besides not paying any of her vendors. For example; a recent name chance filling at the UK Chamber of Commerce from Touria Tia Roqaa to Touria Jordana Roqaa earlier this year.
name change Touria Tia Roqaa to Touria Jordana Roqaa

An other vendor we spoke to said: “Tia Roqaa AKA Touria Roqaa AKA Touria Jordana Roqaa has intentionally stolen tens of thousands of pounds from me and other vendors we spoke to, knowing she was not going to pay them. I believe the name change is because she wants to start a new company with an other name.”


RoccaBox subscribers are also starting to complain on the socials of RoccaBox like Instagram and FaceBook, not receiving their boxes. When these subscribers complain, she immediately deletes the comment and blocks them from her social.


Active website

Going into liquidation and bankruptcy can happen to anyone, but deliberately collecting money from your faithful subscribers, knowing you are not going to deliver them a box and keep purchasing products, knowing you are not going to pay your vendors is simply theft. Miss Roqaa, shame on you!

We have tried to contact Miss Roqaa multiple times by phone and e-mail, without any response. All vendors wish to keep anonymous. Are you a vendor being owned money by Miss Roqaa or any other beauty related company? Please send us an e-mail to: info@bestanti-aging.com 

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