Alltrue has new owners, but is not planning to pay subscribers or vendors back!

alltrue Bankrupt

Less than 2 months ago Forbes and Best-Anti-Aging announced that Alltrue filed for bankruptcy. Vendors did not get payed and subscribers were not getting anything.

Well, Alltrue has suddenly raised from the dead and has found new owners.

After moths being silence on Instagram an leaving over 30 vendors in huge debts, they deiced yesterday to announce there comeback on… Instagram.

In the instagram post of yesterday they stated:

“The last few months have been full of challenges and change at Alltrue, but there are some big and positive updates that we’re ready to share, and we’re excited to announce that we’ll be shipping Spring Boxes and orders over the next few weeks! 🎉

What happened?

In mid-April, Alltrue was in the very difficult position of having to restructure — the supply chain headwinds and economic conditions created an unsustainable operating environment and the survival of the Alltrue brand required a full reset, restructure, and sale of company assets through an out-of-court bankruptcy alternative called an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors.

Until a resolution was reached about the future of the company, the original team was legally unable to speak about the situation publicly, including with the Alltrue community here and elsewhere. There was a possibility of a transition of ownership but there was also a possibility that Alltrue would have to permanently shut down.

The good news: a new and experienced ownership team was found to take the brand forward, and a new journey begins today. Alltrue will be able to continue on its mission by preserving the product experience and all the other things you love most about your Alltrue membership, while also making on-time shipping and transparent communication a top priority going forward. Our first order of business is to ship your Spring Boxes!

Stay tuned here and in your account page for more updates in the coming days and weeks. Members should have received an email with detailed information and individual membership status updates.

💬 A note about comments: We want to be able to respond to all comments and we expect you to have many questions. We’re currently rebuilding social media and support teams, and it will take some time to get back up and running, but we will be doing the best we can to monitor and reply, alongside of the work we’re doing to get the fulfillment operation running smoothly. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

For questions related to your account, the best way to reach us at the moment is via email at We’ll get back to you as soon we can!”

All hell brake loose in the comment section of @alltrue

But it looks like old members, clients and subscribers are not willing to go back, reading back in the comments.

“Are you going to pay all the small businesses you still owe tens of thousands of dollars too?” is a comment of Hannah, getting over 300 likes in just a few hours. 


“Wtf? I already paid for the annual membership and it says to reactivate my membership? So are we not getting our spring boxes????”
From Carmen, also getting many likes.

After over thousands of comments, Alltrue decided to do 2 FAQ on there IG page:

FAQ 1:
**Will I get a box/order that I paid for?**

If your membership is showing as active in your Account Page, you will be receiving your seasonal box(es) and orders and no further action is necessary on your end. Spring Boxes are expected to begin actively shipping next week and you can expect a notification that your Spring Box has shipped by mid-July! (If you need to change your address please contact and use the subject line “Updated Shipping Address for Spring Box”

If your membership shows as “expired”, and you no longer see a membership plan under ‘My Memberships’ on your account page, unfortunately the new acquiring company will not be able to service your order(s). In order for the new ownership team to sustainably fund and operate the transition of the company, and avoid the possibility of a pure liquidation of product (in which no customers would have received shipments), the acquisition of Alltrue’s assets could only include “active” customers. If your account was not set to renew because you had canceled your membership and/or filed for a chargeback, unfortunately this means the new company will not be able to fulfill any previous orders. We recognize that this is difficult news, but after reviewing every possible option, this was the only way to allow the brand to survive.

Note: If you had open orders in your membership at the time of cancellation, you may be eligible for a refund through your financial institution’s chargeback process. You can view a helpful article with instructions for filing a chargeback in the email that we sent to you today to the email address on file.

FAQ 2:
**Why did Alltrue go through a bankruptcy alternative?**

Many well known brands have gone through a bankruptcy process (JCrew, Neiman Marcus, Marvel), it is especially common with retail brands that really care about and invest heavily in their product and brand experience. It is a very painful and challenging period but it allows for a necessary reset that allows the survival of the brand.

While Alltrue has a large, amazing community and has grown rapidly over the years, over the past several months the company was challenged by inflation, and unprecedented supply chain difficulties, combined with macroeconomic headwinds, and changes to Apple’s privacy policies which heavily impacted the company’s ability to grow. All of these factors combined to create a situation that was impossible to survive in spite of every effort.

Fortunately, because a buyer was found through the process, it has allowed the brand and product to survive, and this prevented the possibility of a pure liquidation of product – in which no customers could have received shipments.

Our mission going forward is the same: to create a positive impact and allow our community to discover the best sustainable and ethical brands.

The Member Notice also mentions as a contact. You can find the full Facebook statement here. We encourage you to directly contact Alltrue, conduct your own research and monitor credit card statements and bank accounts.


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