Best Face Mask 2018 – 86 Face masks reviewed

Finding the best face mask isn’t easy with the tons of options out there, so we have tested 86 face masks in 2018.

The Face mask market has grown extremely fast the past 8 years and has brought us some really cool brands like Sunday Riley (launched in 2009), GlamGlow (started in 2010), StarSkin (sheet masks, launch date 2014), Mudmasky (born in 2015) and most recently Sand & Sky (2017).

Since I own a beauty salon I have tested most of them and I can tell you one thing for sure; The best face mask isn’t the one your favorite magazines writes about. Most of the (top-10) magazines are sponsored to write a nice blogpost and “handpick” so called “winners”. Starting out as an intern assistent editor I have seen that big skincare companies pay up to hundreds of thousands. The scary part is that these companies (Estee Lauder, Coty, P&G, Unilever etc) control 95% of the skincare market with thousands of brands. is independent.
My blog is not sponsored in any way. All opinions are from my clients in my salon and me.

Throughout the years we have tested a lot of face masks in my salon. From sheet masks to clay or mud masks. From water splash masks (yes they exist) to real gold face mask. From Caviar mask to… well you probably get my point now. We know our stuff.

Yes, we have found the best one. And yes it was also the winner in 2015, 2016, 2017. AND THE WINNER IS…..

MUDMASKY – Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask is the winner of the Best Face Mask of 2018. Read below why…

Mudmasky is an Amsterdam-based company which is specialized in face masks. pH-balanced face masks to be precise. Mudmasky has became a true cult brand with very loyal followers. The reason is because this mask works like no other. You will see instant results and it tackles 5 tasks with just one mask. This mask removes blackheads like no other mask we have EVER tried. If you search online on “mudmasky reviews” you’ll find thousands of positive reviews about this mud mask.

Mudmasky is still a relatively small brand, but has had a huge impact in the skincare industry. It has a huge cult following nowadays. Newer brands like Sand & Sky, Summer Fridays have more or less copied the brand’s philosophy. Brands have focused more in what pollution does with the skin. Something what Mudmasky started back in 2015. Mudmasky has become the favorite brand of almost all my clients. So well deserved, again: Mudmasky!

Mudmasky is sold via their own website ( and is available on Amazon (For US citizens I would recommend Amazon, since it’s discounted sometimes and has faster shipping)

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