Are you paying for water-cream?

Did you know that 81% of all wrinkle creams and serums contain at least 60% water (aqua) or water-based infusions as their main ingredient? This is our first published independent research, since we have started this blog in May 2014*. We will not publish any manufacturer names, because the goal of this research, done by**, was to discover why so many brands have water as an ingredient.

If you search throughout the Internet, you can’t find anything about; why skin cream manufacturers use so much water in their products. So we decided to do our 2 months investigation, almost right away since we started.

There are mainly two types of anti-aging creams; Water-based and Oil-based. It’s obvious that a water-based anti-aging cream contains water as a head ingredient, so what’s all the fuzz about you would think? Well, let me rephrase the fist sentence of this article:
“When you are buying a wrinkle cream, you will probably pay mostly for water, the cheapest commodity in the world.” And this must bother you!

But why do skin cream manufactures use water as their main ingredient?

We all know that water is inexpensive. But the truth is that water is a good basic ingredient to use in any cream, because it’s suitable for any skin type and it’s light and fast absorbing for the skin. If you let the water (or any other fluid) out, it’s impossible to get in out of the jar or tube, because it’s not a substance anymore. You have to add a fluid substance. Manufacturers can use oil as a main ingredient but it will be very greasy and heavy, which is only suitable for extremely dry skin. There are some manufacturers that don’t use water at all. In fact, tomorrow I’ll review one.

Bottom line is: Don’t be mad at skin cream manufacturers using water, just keep it in mind when someone is trying to sell you a $ 200 cream. It’s just not worth it.

* We have picked exactly 100 different wrinkle creams and serums from different brands.
** Copying the numbers of the outcome of our research is NOT forbidden with acknowledgement and source.

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