Tips against dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes

Did you tried everything against dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes; try these simple tips and you’ll be amazed!

Under eye wrinkles

Actually it’s very simple; the sooner you begins with an eye cream , the more results you finally reach . See it as an investment for later. An eye-cream also prevent the skin of your eyelids become irritated . The eye area is five times thinner than facial skin.
– Drink enough water, but don’t overdue, drink at least 1,5 liter water a day
– Don’t smoke, especially the under eye area will suffer from smoking
– Be careful with salt, don’t use to much in your food

Dark circles under the eyes 

Dark circles under the eyes you get are due to poor blood flow in the skin, because the skin there is so thin you can see that right away. Eye creams with active ingredients and for a better metabolism and blood flow, and for more fitness and resistance give the best results.

Clean the skin around your eyes with a gentle cleansing. Remove your eye makeup, but also to get rid of the eye area dry and old cells that give a dull appearance. You will find that you will get a much fresher look .

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  1. Cause of Dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes should be ageing, stress and weakness. So please keep your self-relaxed and take a healthy diet. You can also use skin care cream suggested by skin care experts.

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