Stay young on Valentinesday with a healthy Valentines Day Dessert!

If you follow our blog posts each week, you’ll probably know that staying young is a lifestyle. There isn’t a miracle cream in this world that can “fix your wrinkles”, but you can do a lot, even today, on valentinesday!

Valentinesday means – for most couples – a lot of sugary stuff that won’t help fighting wrinkles and staying young. So what can you do to stay young on valentinesday you might think? Easy a make your loved one a healthy Valentine’s Day Dessert!

Valentine’s Day dessert

6 strawberries
3 tablespoons Greek yogurt
1 tablespoons mascarpone-light
stevia powder
1 teaspoon ground coconut
2 bars of pure chocolate

Cut the pure chocolate bar with a heart-shaped cutter. I used two different sizes and cut the strawberries still half.
Beat greek yogurt, mascarpone and stevia mix well until a smooth smooth. Spread the largest chocolate heart over the mascarpone mixture and place a strawberry on.
The rest of the mixture you create a beautiful dish.
Put everything on a beautiful dish and sprinkle with grated coconut. That’s it, happy valentinesday!

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