How To Prevent Wrinkles on Your Upper Lip

One of the most frequent questions we get is; How to prevent wrinkles on your upper lip?
By now you probably know that wrinkles occur when you’re older and the skin becomes less elastic and weaker muscles a little. It also depends on genetic factors, your skin type and off course how you take care of your skin and health.

With most of the people, the first wrinkles arise around your eyes and on the forehead. But the wrinkles on your upper lip seem most irritating.

How do you get Wrinkles on Your Upper Lip?

As you get older the collagen decreases, your skin becomes thinner, less flexible and less elastic. In addition, your muscles become weaker and have less body. If your upper lip is less “full’  due to decreases in muscle mass and your skin becomes thinner and less elastic, you can imagine that wrinkles occur faster and easier. Especially in places where you often move the skin and wrinkles. In people with dark or olive skin, the skin is often thicker and therefore less likely to wrinkle.

Pursing lips

If for some reason your lips regularly spout then the chances that you lip lines or wrinkles on your upper lip develops very big. For example: Drinking from a bottle, drinking through a straw makes your lips pursing. And the main cause of this type of wrinkles, of course, is smoking. By smoking ages skin faster though because smoking constricts the blood vessels, making the skin less blood.

Can you prevent wrinkles on your upper lip?

Total prevention is impossible, but here are some tips.

– Don’t smoke
– Don’t drink through straws
– Don’t t drink from water bottles
– Don’t  whistle
– Protect your skin from UV rays
– Ensure your skin stays hydrated.
– Train the muscles of your upper lip so the muscle does not decrease

Exercises for wrinkles on your upper lip

Do the next exercises for 10 minutes a day.

1. Press your fingers or your hand or a flat object from your mouth, not too hard. Try to open in mouth against the pressure. Move your upper lip up and your lower lip down. Do this at the beginning of the mirror so you can see if you keep your skin smooth. Try to do so for at least 10 minutes a day in the beginning.

2. Put your thumb and forefinger into the corners of your mouth (so in your mouth). Spread it a little, so that your lips are tight, but not too much. Open your mouth then subsequently open and close. If you do it right you can feel the muscles working around your mouth.


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