How to pick the Best Facial Mask

It’s not easy to pick the best facial mask. Since a couple of years facial mask become more and more popular.  Spa’s and beauty salons however are using face masks for years. Picking the right one deepens on your skin type and can be tricky, there are moisturizing masks, anti-aging masks, masks that draw out impurities, tighten, brighten, tone, glow etc.

Clay Mask / Mud Mask

A clay mask or mud mask is best for an oily skin type. It’s important to control an oily skin, not drying it out like some masks do. Clay or mud masks help to deeply cleanse pores and purify the skin. A Clay masks or mud mask helps to cleanse the skin from bacteria, leaving it clean and healthy.

Cream Mask

Do you have dry and dehydrated skin, consider using a cream mask specially designed for hydration. Look for a cream mask with natural oils and hat helps removes dead skin cells without irritation. A cream mask allows you to provide sensitive skin with delicate exfoliation.

Seaweed masks

A seaweed masks can be used on a most skin types. Always read the ingredients, some seaweed mask still use parabens. A good seaweed mask is made from the basic ingredient, well you guessed it, seeweed. I would recommend a very basic one, with the maximum amount of seeweed. 

Prefer to make your own facial mask, here are some DIY masks.

UPDATE: March 4 2016: We have gotten many emails on which Facial Mask we would recommend. Like I mentioned before; A good facial mask balances the skins pH. The only Facial Mask that does so is the Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask by Mudmasky. Read the full review here. 

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