Metformin is tested as an Anti-Aging Drug

Doctors prescibe Metformin for years to treat type-2 diabetes, but it’s now been tested to be the next big thing when it comes to Anti-Aging.

Researchers are now testing Metformin  to find out if it has rejuvenating properties.
It is not how long we live, but how well and how productive we can spend our old age. Throughout our lives our cells split to keep our body working properly. The more a cell divides, the greater the chance that an error occurs in the process. In the case of cancer these mutations are increasing, and the body can no longer repair the damage, thereby to grow tumors. the body can, for example, in the case of Alzheimer’s no longer remove the plaque from the blood vessels, which may lead to dementia.

Metformin increases the number of oxygen molecules which are released in a cell, which would stimulate strength and a long service life. The US government has now given the green light for a clinical trial in the United States for a new metformin test. The researchers will give the medication to 3,000 elderly people at risk of cancer, heart disease or cognitive problems walking or patients already struggling with these disorders.

The guinea pigs will be followed for six years to see if the drug can prevent age-related diseases. And whether metformin can extend the life. For now, just eat healthy and do your cardio ;-)

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