Ketchup Cures Wrinkles

Scientist recently did a studie on Ketchup. They found out that Ketchup is a very effective remedy for skin aging.

It’s the especially the tomato-paste in Ketchup that does the miracle.

The tomato-past in Ketchup is full of anti-oxidants
The tomato is the only vegetable that the antioxidants remain well preserved in any form. An outcome to the skin so, or rather for your wrinkles! So whether you eat ketchup or tomato paste. The anti-oxidants remain present in the same amount. Aha!

The Anti-Oxidants
A tomato is said to contain a significant amount of Lycopene. Lycopene is an important Anti-Oxidant. Oxidants have an effect on the skin and cause aging. This could include for aging skin -by rimpels- by sunlight, smoking, poor diet, stress. (free radicals). Anti-oxidants protect the skin against these influences and result in less wrinkles. Lycopene also protects your skin against sunlight inside out. Off course you still need a good sunblocker!

But be cautious!
In Ketchup is also added salt and sugar. So if you have high blood pressure, or tends to have high blood pressure because it runs in the family, then you should look it up here.


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