Healthiest Country In The World

The unhealthiest country in the world is Chad (it lays just between Sudan and Nigeria) Due to high food prices, poor nutritional value as well as limited sanitary conditions that includes access to clean water, the poor people in this country have it bad.

Top 10 healthiest countries in the world:             

1. Netherlands
2. France
3. Switzerland
4. Austria
5. Belgium
6. Denmark
7. Sweden
8. Australia
9. Ireland
10. Italy

Core Questions and Measures Best Country Worst Country
Good Enough to Eat (Combined Scores) The Netherlands (6) Chad (50)
1. Enough to Eat Multiple countries (28 score 0) Burundi (89)
Undernourishment Multiple (62 countries score 0) Burundi (100)
Underweight Children Multiple (28 countries score 0) India (96)
2. Afford to Eat USA (6) Angola (90)
Food Price Level (relative to other goods and services) The Netherlands (6) Guinea (100)
Food Price Inflation Volatility Japan, Canada and the US (1) Angola and Zimbabwe (100)^
3. Food Quality Iceland (0) Madagascar (86)
Diet Diversification Iceland (0) Bangladesh and Lesotho (98)
Access to Clean and Safe Water Multiple (32 countries score 0) Mozambique (75)
4. Unhealthy Eating Cambodia (1) Saudi Arabia (54)
Diabetes Cambodia (0) Saudi Arabia (61)
Obesity Bangladesh, Nepal and Ethiopia (0) Kuwait (58)


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