Gwyneth Paltrow Anti-Aging Secrets

In a very recent interview with PEOPLE magazine, Gwyneth Paltrow tells she is feeling younger than ever. The 43-year-old star still looks amazing, but what are her anti-aging secrets except for having lots of money to spend on anti-aging products?

  1. Exercise

Gwyneth Paltrow looks much younger, because she’s cognizant of how food and exercise affect her body, she says. A couple of years ago she told US magazine that she exercises a lot which plays a huge roll in staying young. She has five trainers in London only!

  1. Diet

Gwyneth prefers low-carb, gluten-free fare, She isn’t afraid to break her diet from time to time. “I love Starbucks — I’ll have a cappuccino,” the two-time cookbook author admits to US magazine “My guilty snack in the UK is cheese, and in America, things on buns: a lobster roll and French fries, or a turkey burger with cheese.”

  1. Happiness

Gwyneth says she is happy and that she believes that happiness is also important to stay young, we believe her…

  1. Sleep

She gets at least 7 hours a sleep per day. Enough sleep keeps the under eye-bags away!

  1. Sex

Well this is a fact, just read this article.







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  1. Just wanting to say that this was a great article. I love Gwyneth Paltrow and she looks so great for her age. Keep up the great work!

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