Eye Cream or No Eye Cream?

Are you just waking up with puffiness around your eyes? Have a nice cup of coffee and take a minute to read the next article I wrote for you.

Your skin around your eyes is probably the most vulnerable part of your face. The skin is quite thin around this area and can get irritated with an eye cream. If you want to know how sensitive your skin is around your eyes you can do an easy test (at your own risk). Just put one drupe of perfume on your fingertip and use it as you use an eye cream. Does it irritate? Well thats why perfume is bad for your skin. Wash it of with water and don’t use an eye cream that isn’t hypoallergenic. Always keep in mind that a good eye cream doesn’t have to be expensive!

Eye creams are also marketed big cosmetic companies. They make you believe you have to use a separate cream for the area around your eyes. This way they can make more money on you. Whatever cream you are using, make sure that you use one with a sunscreen for the day. Look at the SPF, 20 or above is good, 30 or above is even better. Wrinkles and dark circles will get worse if you don’t use one with a high SPF.

I have used different eye creams for years and spend thousands of dollars on it. Now I only use eye creams because I want to review them. Really, I’m not sensitive for marketing ;-)

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