How Come Some People Look 10 Years Younger? (STUDY)

Last week a new study has been published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which gives us an answer on how come some people look 10 years younger?

Researchers tracked nearly one thousend 38-year-olds and found the rate at which participants aged varied widely. The subjects “biological age” ranged from under 30 to more than 60(!!), despite all having the same “chronological age.”

The study looked at a young, healthy population to see what the differences were overtime for them; as opposed to looking at older people who are already elderly, some were sick, some healthy, and trying to figure out in retrospect how they had stayed healthy.

The study shows that we can “control” our age by eating healthy, exercising, staying out of the sun, not smoking , sleeping 7 hours a day and reducing stress.

Read the full study on (PDF FILE, 14 pages):

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