Anti-Aging pillow; does it really work?

If you ever considered buying an anti-aging pillow and you wondered if they really work, this might interest you.

Regardless of what you sleep on, the quantity and quality of your sleep is important. Not getting enough sleep contributes to dark under eye circles and chronic sleep loss can even lead to lackluster skin and fine lines. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body releases more of the stress hormone cortisol, which breaks down skin collagen. And that’s a shame because you need this protein to keep your skin smooth and elastic.

Ok, now we know that enough sleep is important, but the quality is also important. Anti-wrinkle pillow companies claim that their pillow improves the quality of sleep and existing wrinkles will disappear, but is this true?

A anti-wrinkle pillow or anti-aging pillow can improve the quality of sleep,  if the quality of your sleep improves because of the pillow, you can prevent new wrinkles. However, it’s impossible that existing wrinkles will disappear because of the anti-aging pillow. A normal pillow with a silk pillowcase can also improve the quality of your sleep. Because a silk pillowcase is soft for your skin.



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