Air Conditioning damages your skin!

As most of you already know, I live in sunny California where air conditioning is a prominent feature at my office, in my car and even in my home. But did you know that Air Conditioning damages your skin and creates fine lines and wrinkles? Air conditioning is a major cause of skin dryness which eventually leads to aging.

Air conditioning reduces the temperature of its surrounding to sometimes low as 68 ºF (20 ºC). The body temperature mechanism gets disturbed and reduces the production of sweat at almost our entire body. Your body gets “confused” and reduces it’s natural moisture level.

Prevention measures must be taken if you don’t want to damage your skin. Here are some tips if you are dealing with Air Conditionings all the time:

1) Use a good moisturizer.

2) Be gentle with soaps. Here is an old post on how to wash your face.

3) Make sure your AC is not colder than 73 ºF (23 ºC)

4) Don’t sleep with the AC on. The money you save you can invest in insect screens to sleep with an open window.

5) Take breaks outside the office.

6) Add some lemon juice to your water. This way you will alkalize and rehydrate your system in a very effective and efficient way.

7) Don’t take long, hot showers.

8) Avoid AC after a shower for at least half an hour.

9) Do your daily facial exercises.

10) Instead of AC in the car, just open your window.




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