3 sneaky foods that cause wrinkles

I have picked out 3 sneaky foods that cause wrinkles. You thought you was preventing wrinkles by eating and drinking “healthy” foods, think again…

1) Rice Cakes

Known by some as the quintessential fat eraser, we now know that rice cakes cause your blood sugar to soar, which speeds up the formation of wrinkles.  Your body metabolizes the simple carbs in the cakes the same way it does sugar, by converting them to glucose. Once they’ve been converted, they stick to wrinkle-fighting proteins like collagen and damage them.

2) “Healthy” Cereal

Don’t let the virtuous packaging deceive you. “Healthy” cereals are often highly refined and full of added sugar. And that means they can cause wrinkles. Always read the packaging and go for low sugar (watch out with aspartame an other fake sugars!) and whole grains.

3) Secretly Sugary Smoothies

Smoothies can be so deceiving! You think you are drinking something healthy, but SOME smoothies contain more sugar than a Coke. It’s not the natural sugar found in fruit that’s causes the problem. You have to be very careful for the ones you buy in a store which are usually packed with added sugars. Always make smoothies at home, without adding sugar off course…  

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