Natural Skin Booster; Pomegranate Orange Juice

You can’t find the perfect Natural Skin Booster in a bottle or jar, it’s in Pomegranate and Orange Juice. The perfect mix and the perfect all natural skin booster!

This also works great if you had too many drinks on new years eve ;-)

Did you know that a pomegranate is one of the most powerful anti-oxidant fruits?
Pomegranates provide your body with an enormous amount of anti-oxidants, while orange juice is famous for its vitamin C. Both are extremely important for a healthy looking skin.

The benefits for your skin are enormous. Pomegrantes help protect the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) and helps with skin cell regeneration in the inner layer (dermis) increasing circulation and healing the skin. It also helps sun protection, because of the protective compounds. But most importantly; it protects us against aging.

Now I know what you are thinking; How do I get the juice out of the pomegranate without making a mess. It’s very easy; you can prepare this juice in only two minutes!

You need one pomegranate and 2 oranges and 1 electric juicer.

1) Cut the oranges and pomegranate in two halves.
2) First juice the pomegranate, very gently, don’t press to hard.
3) Juice the oranges

I uploaded a video for you (actually my boyfriend did, and I just want the credits for it) to see how easy it is to juice a pomegranate –>> How to juice a pomegranate with a juicer in 1 minute

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