How can Teas help you to stay young? Here is Everything you know!

“How can Teas help you to stay young?” My clients ask me this question all the time. Here is Everything you know!

In its various preparations, tea is an ally not only of your health but also of your beauty and youngness. And if for you the infusions are nothing more than hot water, you can change your mind: fruit, cinnamon, lime, peppermint, cocktail plan and even with rose petals or ingredient in the kitchen. At home, At work, when you go out to dinner or a tea party, any time is good for tea.

Numerous studies have shown, among many others, the anti-cancer and antioxidant properties of tea. These beneficial effects, including preventing aging, are essentially due to the polyphenols contained in the tea, and in particular the green tea.

Many of these polyphenols are flavonoids, specifically catechins, the substances with the most antioxidant and antitumor effects that exist. In fact, they are natural antioxidants capable of acting against skin inflammations and cancer.

The tea also has healing, bactericidal, refreshing and anti-aging properties so that it can be handled both for the preparation of cosmetics and for dermatological products.

Also, tea has a pleasant, stimulating effect on the central nervous system, which can convince coffee addicts. Let’s talk about the benefits of different teas.

Green Tea

It is obtained by drying the leaves in the sun for one or two hours or by roasting. These processes almost do not alter their chemical composition, which means that they have higher levels of flavonoids (catechins). Two cups of green tea have the same content of Vitamin C as a glass of orange juice. There are several types of green tea, all very popular in China and Japan.

Black Tea

Is obtained by first fermentation and drying with hot air afterward. With the process, it takes on a dark hue and produces a chemical transformation of its amino acids, fatty acids, polyphenols, etc.

Red tea

Also known as Pu-erh, it has become popular in the West, especially in the USA for its slimming (not yet proven) and digestive properties. Prevents cavities, lowers bad cholesterol, improves constipation, relieves depression, and even makes the hangover disappear. In fact, it is the green tea fermented and aged with an intense red color and tree bark taste, of Qingdao, a species very revered in China because it is said to promote health.

The fermentation process lasts for five years, keeping the tea in barrels, like wines. The longer you conserve, the more precious it is. In fact, there is Pu-erh Olympic Reserve, 60 years old, more expensive than caviar.

Pu-erh is tea low in tannic acids, so it is not contraindicated for anyone. People with delicate, pregnant, and lactating stomachs may take it.

White tea

We recently discussed the benefits of White Tea, click here to read the article if you didn’t.
White tea has recently been discovered as the most potent antioxidant in nature: it contains three times more polyphenols than green and is more effective than vitamin C and vitamin E combined. Also, white tea is the least caffeine it contains, so you can make it a much more relaxing coffee substitute.

The secret of its high concentration of polyphenols is in its process of elaboration: instead of the whole leaf, in this type of tea only the shoots are collected, where all the energy of the plant is concentrated. These shoots, unopened, are covered with white hair (hence its name: white tea with silver needles). And instead of being cut or rolled as is done with black and green, it is allowed to dry in the air, the natural sun on silk cloths.

The researchers say that this simple process is what keeps the tea in a pure state, full of energy and with three times more antioxidant than green tea.

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