Food that makes you Age FASTER!

Are there any foods that makes you age faster? I got this question a few days ago so time to write a blogpost about it.

Many times we get food that is apparently good for our health but instead is making us older faster. Here is the list:

Be careful with the carbohydrates. In addition to helping you gain weight, eating too many carbohydrates contributes to the wrinkling of the skin, they also increase the levels of sugar in the body.

I recommend saying goodbye to salt. The daily intake is 2,300 mg, as long as you do not suffer from high blood pressure; If so, you should not exceed 1,500 mg per day. But speaking in reasonable terms, salt produces swelling, fluid retention and propitiates cardiovascular conditions. Therefore, we invite you to use spices and herbs instead. Try Kelp.

No Junk Food allowed. To be more specific, hamburgers clog the arteries because of their high fat content behind, which will apparently translate into your skin showing a sloppy appearance, opacity and also deplete energy and dynamism. Every day we eat that type of food we age faster. Try a vegan hamburger.

Reduce or get rid of caffeine. Did you know that this substance, which is included in hundreds of products, will cause you to have spots on the skin, more wrinkles, marked lines of expression, a dusky complexion and will also detract from hydration to your skin in general? Also, and as if it were not enough, it may interfere with natural sleep hours, and then you will age even more; and we know that lack of sleep and rest, prevents the skin cells to properly regenerate.

Since the food mentioned above will make us age faster than normal due to its biochemical reactions in the body that occur when you eat them is very important to keep a close eye on them.

Three of the processes that occur inside your body that have a significant impact on your aging rate are called glycosylation, inflammation, and oxidation.

When we talk about aging, we are not just talking about wrinkles on the skin or the thickness of your hair … we are also talking about factors that can not be seen, how well your organs work, and if your joints are degrading.

So pay close attention to what you eat and keep in touch for some healthy foods we are talking pretty soon. In the meanwhile just keep the ones in the previous list away from you.

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