These Detox Fruits help you during Christmas

It is not a secret that during this last month of the year, DECEMBER, we tend to eat a little bit more, it is normal since there are some holidays and celebrations around the office, our relatives might invite us to family meetings and so many other ways of celebrations during this time.

Personally, I don’t believe in good or bad foods but instead in balanced diets, now the truth is that during this time of the year even hospitals receive a higher number of patients with problems related with over eating, however being plain and simple the most scaring fact is that this can seriously affect our health, how we look and even cause damages to our skin if not permanent damages to all our body.

First thing to do is make sure we are having some exercise during this month, if you already have a routine is not a bad idea to push a little bit more since we all know we will take some extra food.

If you are the one cooking select healthy appetizers or starters such as carrot and celery sticks with a reduced-fat cream cheese and herbs, take off the skin out of the meats you cooking to reduce the amount of fat. If you are just an invited just take or ask for smaller portions and focus on the salads and vegetables. Try to get fruits for desserts instead of pastries.

Now there is a little trick you can have so you will be fine even when the most lavish banquet tempts you: My mother secret is to have a small snack designed to eat before going to parties or meetings to make you feel satisfied so you don´t binge eating.

Avocado, pineapple and grapefruit salad is a good choice, just have a small portion of this salad, have your husband and kids eating something too before going to any of those December parties and you will see how you can maintain your composure and enjoy the food in small portions.

The truth is that the avocado will provide you with enough good fat, meanwhile the pineapple will help you to clean from whatever you eat after and at last but not least the grapefruit will keep you hydrated avoiding to drink too many sodas or other drinks.

Remember to prefer water or natural juices than artificial ones, salads over meats and fruits over pastries. Keep it simple and enjoy the company of your beloved and significant ones over than anything else.

I know, I know, avocado, pineapple and grapefruit is not a common fruit salad, but try it and you will become addicted to it, best thing you will get a lot of benefits by eating it.

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