Cucumber, the cheapest Anti-Aging Agent!

Without a doubt Cucumber is good for your health, nowadays we all have different things that can help each of us to have a healthy skin, sometimes what can happen is that we do not give enough importance to all those habits and foods that help us to enjoy good health. Today I will show you food that can help each of us to have healthy skin, many foods contribute to that, but today we will only focus on a vegetable very rich in vitamins, and this is a cucumber.

Cucumbers are the most abundant plants in water. They are 96% water. That means that cucumbers provide hydration that our skin needs. The water in this plant contains a rich amount of enzymes that aid our digestion process. Which means that your body can use the energy it would normally use for digestion towards healing the skin, certainly, a great vegetable that also provides many vitamins.

Cucumber benefits do not end there it also provides many properties for health and skin care, and that is why its peel is used in various cosmetic treatments because it is in that part of the vegetable where big amounts of vitamin C are.

Vitamin C helps to maintain healthy skin, relieves irritation and reduces inflammation therefore if you apply it directly on your face and eyes, this will help in turn to combat diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

You can also eat or drink cucumberĀ“s shell in a smoothie or a salad, grated and adding a little water and juice of half a lemon to clean and purify the body. Cucumber also brings many benefits if each of us consumes it, for that reason here I focus on the advantages of eating cucumber and other surprising uses.

Moisturizes: The cucumber has a percentage of over 90% of water. So it is ideal as a supplement to the daily hydration we need. It is good to relieve sunburn burns: Remember that it is an excellent idea to put on a good sun cream before going to a place where we might be exposed to the sun, but if you have come to burn, cucumber helps control the cutaneous acidity. That is why if you apply cucumber on the skin helps you to relieve the pain of burning.

It has many essential nutrients: The consumption of cucumber gives us a lot of the vitamins our body needs: vitamins A, B, and C that provides energy and helps the immune system are one of them. The important thing is also to CONSUME ITS SHELL because it contains 12 percent of the vitamin C that you have to drink or eat every day. Cucumber also contains potassium, silicon, and magnesium that soften, tone and enhance the appearance of the skin.

You can prepare a Cucumber salad by cutting a middle sized one into slices add some olive oil, spicy with curcumin and lemon juice and bits of onion and some carrot sticks but keeping cucumber as the main ingredient. Get ten years back and enjoy a tasty salad. Remember Traditional Chinese Medicine considers food a form to heal and I as a Certified expert in that field can assure you that this simple salad will help you a lot just by getting it one or twice a week.

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