These Chinese Herbs are MAGIC against Aging

According to the World Health Organization our exposition to risky habits such as smoking, drinking or drugs abuse is related to how we are going to get older. Of course that what we eat and how much we exercise are part of the ingredients that will determine the result of the golden age.

So in view of the above facts we can easily realize that is not only what we do but what we avoid what matters to stay young and of course younger. There are some scientists that consider getting older a disease, one with a 100% rate of death. Nobody can stop getting older forever but anybody can do something to get the most of every stage of their life.

Chinese culture is very famous for its longevity. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has developed a set of herbs to achieve the longevity. Astragalus membranaceus is also known as milk vetch, has been used as an age reversal for years by the practitioners of the TCM. Another culture that is very popular for its herbal remedies is the Native American and one of its popular herbs is the echinacea, or purple Kansas coneflower. So today we are talking about a blend to prepare an infusion that can be used for two months to work deep against the effects of aging.

We already have the first two ingredients: Astragalus and Echinacea, but we still need to add two more main ingredients, they are Ginger and Curcuma, now we will work on how to prepare this tea that will help us to reverse our age.

The preparation and the formula are these: half of the blend is Astragalus then other half is Echinacea and Curcuma being: Astaragulus 50%, Echinacea 25%, Curcuma 25% these ingredients should be dried and in powder, grounded I mean. Mix them all until they are all mixed up then take a teaspoon of the blend and add it to a cup of boiling water also add about half of a teaspoon of fresh crushed ginger and wait 2 minutes, strain before serving, a little amount of honey is fine if you want. Remember you can use it daily for two months and then wait two months to do it again.

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