Alkaline juices

The alkaline diet puts emphasis on those foods we eat. Not from whether these will make us fat or lose weight, but from the perspective of how they affect our health. This type of diet defends the consumption of alkaline foods (vegetables) versus those of acid type (sugars and flours), since according to proponents of this dietary method, consumption of alkaline foods and their immediate effect on the pH of our body (Acid level of the same), protect us from certain diseases.

We know that the health of our body depends on how we feed. Therefore, poor nutrition is synonymous with suffering some illness, while a balanced diet will protect us from suffering diseases. And in this same premise supports the alkaline diet since individual scientific studies predict that diseases of cardiovascular, lung, kidney, brain and even cancer, are more likely to develop in a body with a high percentage of acidity than in a body more alkaline type.

Our today juices are highly alkalizing and are also developed to give you an extra boost to the area you need.

The key to alkaline food is to increase the amount of food or alkaline products and reduce the consumption of food or acid products. This helps us to eliminate “acid toxins” and favors overall health – from skin quality, sleep, to weight loss, to prevent arthritis, osteoporosis and even cancer.

Green juices are also alkaline juices, but they have a common basis of some greens; Alkalis include other vegetables and some alkaline fruits and even superfoods. The best? You can take them anytime & make all your day more alkaline! Our Lemonade and Margarita, for example, are ideal to eat with your lunches, while the Rejuvenating is barbarian as a pre-workout.

Here are some Juice ideas, enjoy!

– Rejuvenating Juice

(Beet, Cucumber, kale, cinnamon)

– Immune Juice

(Tomato, celery, garlic, cucumber and lemon)

– Triple Orange Juice

(Orange, carrot, pomegranate)

– Extra yellow elixir

(Mango, pineapple, lime, coconut water)

– The starter Juice

(Pink grapefruit, red apple, ginger)

– Spirulina Booster

(Spirulina, pink grapefruit, lime, red apple, water)

– Mint Lemonade

(Lemon, mint, ginger, water)

– Panther lemonade

(Raspberry, lime, red apple, water, lavender)

– Watermelon elixir

(Watermelon, lime, water)

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