4 Most Underrated Foods that help you fight Wrinkles!

We all know the term “superfoods” and by now we also know that superfoods were overrated, so time to reveal you the top 4 Most Underrated Foods that help you fight Wrinkles!

1. Almonds and walnuts: Both are high in vitamin E which protects your skin against damage caused by free radicals. I love to have some frozen yogurt seasoned with grounded walnuts or almonds and chunks of strawberries, not only delicious but an ingredient to my secret “fountain of youth”.

2. Olive oil: About 70% oleic acid concentration, which promotes cardiovascular health if you eat it in little amounts and if you apply it to your skin will hydrate it. Very important, use it uncooked, if you need an oil to cook I strongly recommend safflower oil. Now, olive oil is perfect for salads, or what I love to do is to steam some tomatoes, minced garlics, chunks of carrots and some minced pimento then I just add some salt, black pepper, a twist of lemon and some olive oil, it´s one of my “perfect snacks”.

3. Lemon: I use its juice on my salads, however what I really love at nights is to take the lemon peel and boil it, add some honey and ready… just drink it and go to sleep, I only use one third of the peel and less than one teaspoon of honey for a cup of water. What I get from this infusion is not just the tasty flavor and relaxing moment but vitamin C which adds collagen to your system and pectin that helps to eliminate toxins out of your body, helping then in that function your skin performs.

4. Yogurt: Is one of my favorite ones, you can eat it or apply it to your skin. Why I love so much yogurt? It´s simple: Helps to fight all kinds of infections in the digestive system of your body, is rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus but overall is so easy to combine with salty and sweet foods. I will give you a couple of my favorites recipes next time.

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