These 2 foods are making you look older EVERY day!

In general, we all aim to eliminate overweight, improve health and reduce the possibility that diseases such as hypertension, diabetes or heart problems affect us. However, proper nutrition can also have a positive impact on the skin.
There are many¬†foods that are directly responsible not only for premature aging but also for discoloration, the appearance of deep lines and sagging skin. These are the so-called “advanced glycation products,” which today dermatologists consider as the most important drivers of aging.

So which foods are making you look older every day?

One of them is sugar and others is red meat. (Processed foods also, but they are less easy to avoid.) In this way, the key to taking years off would be to decrease the consumption of the products mentioned above and increase those that naturally favor skin health, such as dark-colored fruits and vegetables, legumes and whole grains.

“Eating the right foods gives your skin the nutrients it needs to produce collagen, fight advanced glycation, and look younger and healthier.”

But it’s not all about the type of food we eat, but also in the way we are preparing them, like, frying, roasting, pasteurising or smoothing them increases their impact on aging. Thus, our recommendations are:

– Cook them slowly and at low temperatures to prevent them from getting dark, especially foods that are rich in protein and fat. Adding some liquid is very useful.

– Marinate them in lemon, especially meat and fish, before cooking.

– Garnish them with species such as turmeric, cumin, ginger, clove, and cinnamon.

– Use apple cider vinegar which, according to some studies, lowers blood sugar levels.

A balanced and light dinner should contain raw or cooked vegetables, lean protein foods and a moderate amount of starchy foods.

Here are a couple recommended dinners and of course how to prepare them.

Mashed zucchini with grilled fish. Boil 3 or 5 small zucchinis with two kinds of garlic, some curcumin, and some kelp seaweed, after they are boiled smash all them. Take a small piece of fish and grill it or cook it with olive oil and water, add onion, and two little mushrooms. Dessert: One sweet mandarin. You can add a small boiled potato. For drink a warm chamomile and valerian tea are perfect.

Another delicious option is to have steamed vegetables with chicken a little piece of melon as a dessert. My selection of healthy vegetables: eggplant, onion, carrot and tomato strips, steamed or cooked, with chicken breast to cubes also steamed and spiced with curcumin and black pepper. Two slices of whole wheat bread.

A balanced and light dinner is a powerful anti-aging component in our life, have your books of recipes for them since is at that time when our digestive system will need extra help. I like to add a slight amount of senna leaves powder to my night tea to improve digestion.

Do you like to know more tips and tricks about eating healthy? Please let us know at the comments below.

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  1. Very valuable advice, especially about not overcooking foods. Anti-aging experts generally agree these are the top 7 foods you should be eating to stay looking youthful…

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