These 5 Facial Yoga exercises you can do EVERYWHERE!

Did you know that Yoga also has exercises to stretch the muscles of the face? Yes, indeed there are Yoga classes centred on a series of grimaces along with relaxation and breathing exercises will rejuvenate our face, without going through the operating room and without contraindications.

And is that like any part of the body, the muscles of the face also atrophy if not exercised. That’s why facial yoga encourages us to apply some yoga exercises to the face to regain elasticity and firmness.

Basics and Benefits of Facial Yoga:

The facial yoga uses gesture – smiles, grimaces, etc. – along with some massages on the face to get firmer and stronger skin. In this way, we can reaffirm our features and disguise the wrinkles that inevitably appear with the passage of time.

Here’s a series of exercises recommended to apply some parts of your face and rejuvenate your face and expression.

1 – Vertical Wrinkles: Place the pinky, ring and heart fingers of both hands on the top of the forehead, just in the line where the hair begins. Then contract up and down the muscles of the forehead, accompanying this movement with the fingers. Repeat this fifteen times.

2 – Eyebrows and eyelids: Breathe in with your eyes wide open and your head held high. When you exhale, lift all you can raise eyebrows. With empty lungs, hold this position for five seconds. Repeat fifteen times.

3 – Cheek: Put your hands without the thumb on the cheeks, just in the union of the muscles with the jaws. Contract the jaws by pressing this area. Inhale, and when you release the air, you must bring your lips, face, and muscles forward while blocking your jaw muscles back with your hands.

4 – Upper Lips: Put your thumbs under the upper lip, in the middle. When you take in the air you should be prepared to, upon exhaling, press your thumbs against the gums, while you bring your upper lip forward with your muscles. Repeat this exercise five times.

5 – Chin: In order not to let the jowls form, you should put your hands crossed on our chest, and thus bring the chin up, as tense as possible. Once this position is achieved, you must turn the head to both sides, always maintaining the tension. Repeat the exercise ten times to each side.

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