Stay young with Meditation!

Nowadays meditation is not only a fashion, is a way to recover your health. No Kidding the truth is that is more than demonstrated that stress causes illness, so the best and by the way cheap form to get some relief of stress is meditating. Now what means MEDITATE? Let´s see.

To meditate is to train your mind to reach a specific state. You can meditate about good things in your life, for example on a daily basis you can meditate on a gratitude list, you can include items often taken for granted.

I like to sit down and just recall my day but deleting the bad portions, the moments that caused me anguish or problems, I deal with them on a different way and not by myself (we will talk about it another day), so I start with the way I woke up, my breakfast, my routine at gym and keep going until the end of the day, I truly address the gift of being alive. And YES I do this daily, it takes in total about 30 minutes since I prepare a relaxing tea, I have some blends to vary depending on how the day was but I really love to mix lavender with valerian despite the odd smell its effect is unique. So this is what I do: I go to my room with my cup of tea and sit down at the middle of my bed sipping slowly meanwhile playing at medium volume Alpha waves, they come from the back where my laptop is placed. The best way for me is to picture the most gladly memories of the day, sometimes I face bad memories and I just put them apart giving them no chance to stay in my mind, is like cleaning my mind of negativity. I always end with a positive state for the very next day, something like ¨I will complete X project at X time¨ or ¨I will increase my routine at Gym¨ so I take advantage of my meditation and the state of mind to project in a positive way one important task or objective I might have for the next day. But is up to you, go ahead and meditate at your bed in silence with an aromatic candle and lights turned off or try it at a calmly outdoor, the ways to do it are limitless. Just focus in find your place of peace so you can go there whenever you need it or want it.

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