These Pilates Exercises you can do at Home!

Without any doubt, we all want to keep our body healthy, and in shape, that is the main reason every day we go to the gym to burn calories and have that unique body. What about a routine without going to the gym and not complicated?

Practicing Pilates not only tone the muscles but also burns many calories and if you do the right movements will give us more results in our body and we will gradually have that unique body. Pilates is a very practical exercise because it can be performed at any age with different loads or movements, on top of that also promotes many benefits to shape the figure and improve posture.

Pilates lessons are expensive! You might not have the time or money to go to a center; you can do Pilates at home. Today, you will learn how and this will certainly help you a lot to stay young and healthy.

Lie on your tummy with your head looking down, and keep your legs just like your arms stretched out. Now lift your arms, your chest, and your legs, and hold them up. Inhale and exhale normally. Raise your right arm with your left leg, then raise your left arm with your right leg without touching the floor. Slowly count to 10 as you make this move. Repeat four times.

Pilates should be an everyday activity and also will help you to burn calories, you will gradually feel much better.

Breathing: Inhale always through the nose (close your mouth to avoid confusion). When the air enters the body, keep the abdominal muscles tight. Try to always follow the same rhythm of inspiration and exhalation (slow) throughout the exercise routine.

Concentration: You should not be thinking of anything else, like, for example, the shopping list, what you will do for dinner or the children’s homework. It is better to be in a room alone and silence, or with instrumental music, to follow the movements with a leisurely pace.


You no longer need to waste time outside your house, you can do Pilates at your home or garden or even a park.

The result will be in about two weeks or a few days, and thus you will have a healthier life. You can check for another list of exercises in our previous Pilates article, remember we will be adding more so you can go from the simplest ones to the complex ones with time, effort and dedication, of course, we will be here to support you.

As a bonus we have a 30 minutes video:

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