Anti-Aging Exercises from a Material Girl!

Lets be honest, either you hate her or you love her, regardless what your feelings are the truth is that the ¨Material Girl¨ looks younger than she is, rumors says she spends more than half million dollars to stay young, so why not get one of her secrets that might not cost us a penny but be worth a few years reversal for us.

The 50+ Queen of Pop shapes her body with Pilates, now the question is: Which Pilates exercises are available to be done at home, office or outdoors by us? First thing to do when practicing this technique is to keep the same breathing rhythm, Traditional Chinese Medicine also focus on breathing techniques, so the rhythm should be slow, always inhale from your nose and exhale from your mouth, when inhaling close your mouth and tight your abdominal muscles in the belly when doing it, important once again keep the SAME-SLOW breathing rhythm.

Focus on your belly, try to keep it contracted; your trunk should keep a straight posture, but comfortable. State of mind is important when practicing Pilates so play some instrumental music, no TV, no cellphones or other disruptions, take this time for yourself. You will get rid of stress which rejuvenates in an incredible way.

Get a mat to practice some simple Pilates exercises, but before starting warm up a little bit, stretch your muscles and get relaxed, 7 minutes will be fine.

First exercise: Sit up straight on the mat with your legs out straight and try to grab your feet, remain in that position for 10 seconds and repeat 15 times.


Second exercise: On the mat lie flat on your back and bend one of your knees up to your chest meanwhile the other leg should maintain stretched in the air, keep the position for 5 seconds and switch to the other leg, repeat 20 times.


Third exercise: On the mat get on your knees and stretch into the air your right arm and leg, keep the position for 5 or 7 seconds, switch to your left arm and leg, repeat this exercise 5 times each side.



You can repeat this short routine 3 times a day: mornings at home, at your break at the office, at the end of the day in a park if you can, just find the right moment and place. This will stretch and strength your muscles making them longer and leaner, helping you to HEAL from the routine, stress and, they say, even illness. The whole routine will take 15 minutes including the relaxing time, so you will add 45 minutes in total by practicing 3 times a day, believe me that is a big difference.

Still wondering who is the ¨Material Girl¨? Hey, it’s Madonna ;-)

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